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This blog is an attempt to categorize and bring all quizzers, in or out of India, to a single place. The main purpose is to create a directory of all active sites and blogs, which deal with quizzes and quiz questions. The sites can be on any topics under the sky – general or specialized. Ultimately, we intend to make this an all-encompassing single platform that will bring quiz and trivia sites and blogs together, under the roof of QuizblogIndia.

To start with this effort, we are in the process of preparing a list of such resources on quizzing, manually verify each and every URL, and include them in the directory after due verification has been completed. We are also in the process of adding blogroll on different categories of quizzing, with their rss feeds added to our home page, so that, whenever the blogs are updated, the new, updated post will be shown in our blogroll. This will ensure that every time you visited our blog, the latest trivia and quizzing content from the largest collection of quiz blogs and sites around the world are available for your consumption at a single place.

Apart from the blogs and sites on trivia and quizzing, other resources, such as, full set of questions, online quiz maker links, contact details of quiz masters etc. will be available at your disposal.

In case you have a quiz blog or site, please send us a request for adding the same to our blogroll, at quizblogindia[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

There are no better way to get additional visits to your site than adding it to our blogroll, as we aim to make our blog the preferred destination for the quizzing community to get their daily shot of quizzing trips.

Please note that merely submitting your site’s URL does not guarantee its addition to our directory. We shall manually check the contents of your site or blog and will add it to our directory only when we are sure that your site or blog satisfies all our inclusion policies and it does not break any legal provisions applicable in the Republic of India. Normally, your site should be added within 3 working days to our database.


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